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CEO Bernard Hutcherson

I was born and raised in San Francisco (Bayview Hunter’s Point to be exact). My love and introduction to cooking came from watching the best to ever do it: my mother! I would watch her hold it down in the kitchen almost every night, but the real magic happened during the holidays. Occasionally during the holidays, I would get to experience my mom entering friendly family cooking competitions. She often won, especially when it came to baking. Unfortunately, I lost my mom at a young age, but I would find that she passed her talent and passion for cooking on to me.

I found my passion for cooking at the age of 13. The first meal I made on my own was Chicken and Shrimp Alfredo. However, it wasn’t your regular old Alfredo pasta. I made it with my own special lemon butter crab. Although my first time making this pasta was pretty good, I’m a perfectionist and I continued to refine my recipe over the years. Which had gotten better and better over time.

While I enjoy cooking many dishes from soul food, to Japanese, the thing I have become most famous for are my burritos. I began to make burritos because after searching throughout the Bay Area, I was unable to find a burrito that could satisfy or come close to meeting my expectations for flavor.

In 2017 I decided to quit my job and pursue my passion full time. So, with only two hundred dollars in my pocket, a child to raise and bills to pay, I took a leap of faith and began establishing myself as a passionate cook and CEO of Cooking N Style.

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